Children & Youth Theater

Children and Youth Theatre shows plays primarily designed for children. However, adults, mostly accompanying their children and siblings also attend the shows. The theatre is found around Arat Kilo on the way from Arat Kilo to Kebena Megenagna road.

Phone:  0111 128603

Hager Fiker Theatre

Located at the heart of the capital, Hager Fiker is the oldest professional theater in the country. It, unless exceptions, does not screen movies regularly.

Hager Fiker is found around Piazza near the National Lottery office, north east of St. Giorgis Church, Menilek Square.

Tel:  0111 569189


Mega Amphi Theatre

The Mega Amphi Theater is located at the Tewodros Square along Churchill Road. The theater predominantly shows plays but at times shows movies too. It is also used for special occassions during public and religious holidays.

Phone:  0115 518870

National Theatre

National theater, once known as Haile Sillasie Theater, is by far one of the age-old threaters in the capital staging various plays and screening movies. Even though it mainly stages plays, the theater also screens movies such as Teza by Haile Gerima.

National Theater is found at the south of Churchill Road near Ras Hotel.

Phone:  0115 514577/ 0115 514500

Ras Theatre

Ras Theater is located around Merkato Area. Half way between Teklehaimanot church and Anwar Mosque. It is located very close to the gas station on the turn to Tana Shopping center. Ras Theater is not currently regularly showing films.

Phone:  0112 763509/07