Ethiopian International Film Festival

The Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF) is celebrating cinema for the ten consecutive years in 2015, making it a permanent part of Addis Ababa’s cultural landscape as an annual international film festival.

The Ethiopian International Film Festival (Ethioiff) is run by Linkage Arts Resource Center annually aiming towards promoting Ethiopian as well as African film activities. Linkage Arts Resource Center is a private inventiveness non-governmental organization, which was set up for media productions, publications, festival organization and related activities in April 2000.

During a week of screenings in November, approximately 100 films- feature, shorts, fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, classics and contemporary from around the world are shown. All screenings are free and open to the public. Special emphasis is given to African cinema to create a stronger identification with and appreciation of indigenous African work. 

The Festival has been growing in power since its first appearance in 2005, and has now established an international presence and dialogue with the international film fraternity.

Focused every year on a specific theme, the festival will screen films as well as invite filmmakers to introduce their work and organize workshops and seminars on the practice and theory of film in general and new approaches and developments, in Africa in particular.

A important part of the film festival is to give awards to the best Ethiopian films of the year in 10 categories. The nominees are presented in the opening ceremony, and winners announced at the closing ceremony. These Festival Awards is considered to be the equivalent to the American Academy Award. 


Addis International Film Festival

Addis International Film Festival

The Addis International Film Festival (AIFF) is an annual documentary film festival created by Initiative Africa in 2007 and held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is the largest independent documentary cinema festival in Africa and it was established as a unique initiative seeking to use the power of documentaries and short films to support innovative ways of creating awareness on social issues.

AIFF also supports the development of emerging talent, providing educational and networking opportunities, outreach training schemes and structured internship and volunteer programs all year. The festival itself is an exciting forum for new talent to meet established filmmakers and producers and buyers.

Colours of the Nile

The Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (CONIFF) took place for the first time in November 2012 under the theme "The Modern Place for African Cinema".

The theme of the second edition, CONIFF 2014, was "Lenses on African Renaissance". CONIFF aims at promoting African cinema, as well as facilitating experience exchange and networking among African film industry professionals.

CONIFF is organised by the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy (BNFTA) in collaboration with the Ethiopian Filmmakers Association.

Images that Matter Film Festival

For 5 days 100 films will be shown Panel discussions Exchanges Workshops with renowned professionals Interactive forum on cinema issues. The association “IMAGES THAT MATTER” aims at establishing the First International short film Festival in East Africa: Encouraging the use of film as a personal, social and economic tool for development. Developing exchanges between African cinema professionals and encouraging new initiatives. Boosting production of short films internationally, in particular the African continent – in the context of unprecedented growth of the African broadcasting area. Click on image above for more details.

Hispanophone Film Festival

Hispanophone film festival is held once a year in November in Addis Ababa and screens Spanish films with English subtitles.