Difret - based on a ...

"Three hours outside of Addis Ababa, a bright 14-year-old girl is on her way home from school when men on...


Documentary filmmake...

  Adanech Admassu is an award-winning, freelance director who makes community focussed films for Ethiopian audiences.  She specializes in making films...



Nishan Medal of Honor

 The story of a young woman who navigates deceptive and dangerous circumstance to preserve her independence, protect her family and realize her ambitions...

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Nardos, a pretty girl from a well to do family in Bishoftu, falls in love with Ashenafi, a badly-off barber, after he gives her a kind treatment when she experienced...

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triangle poster small

A film about the hardships of illegal migration and human trafficking by Ethiopian writer-director Theodros Teshome

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The film depicts the story of Girum, acted by renowned music arranger Amanuel Yilma, as a striving fashion designer who is caught in a love triangle...

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Atletu (The Athlete)

Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown barefoot Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning the Olympics gold in the marathon. Overnight...

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Mezekir the young enthusiastic Ethiopian television journalist enters a refined international documentary film competition beyond his financial and technical capacities...

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Cinema Schedules

Check out cinema schedules for Ethiopian movies in Addis Ababa right here. Click on image to view cinema information and movie schedule.
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  • Alem Cinema
  • Sebastopole
  • Embilta Cinema
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EFI Socially Responsible Films

  • Ethiopia comes with many faces. It is a country rich of over 80 different ethnic groups, identities and culture. Read more
  • “Andinet” (Unity) is an emerging dance club led by Henok and perfoms for local communities in Ethiopia... Read more
  • Garbis Korajian is a third generation Armenian born and raised in Ethiopia. His family first came to Ethiopia over 120 years ago. Read more
  • A street separates a church and a mosque. A story about religious tolerance. Read more

EFI Environment Films

  • “Troubled Waters” is a new environmental documentary on the Akaki River in Ethiopia...Read more
  • ”Parga” is a 3:30 minute long documentary which gives insight into how the people of Konso... Read more
  • “Diza”
    young boys look for pieces of special waste amongst the tons of garbage... Read more
  • Are we really that insignificant? “We All Count” focuses on the lives of three ordinary Ethiopians... Read more

The Ethiopian Film Initiative and the International Emerging Film Talent Association has begun a joint mentorship programme for emerging film-makers, facilitated by GBGG Productions.

Please contact us if you are an experienced film industry professional who is willing to share your time and knowledge with someone in our Programe.

The Rwanda film festival is dedicated in bringing a true cinema experience to the communities in the hills of Rwanda, the best of the local filmmakers and to create a film week in an event always remembered. Click here


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Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival

Click here to submit your work to the lola kenya screen film festival.
MAISHA(meaning "life" in Kiswahili) provides new screenwriters and film directors from East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda) and South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) with access to the professional training and production resources necessary to articulate their visions
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