Press Release: November 2010




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 10th November 2010 --- Film students and seasoned professionals received lessons in documentary creativity when Spanish director Ventura Durall held a master class in Addis this week.


Contemporary Dialogue in Documentary explored some of the more creative techniques used in documentary filmmaking, while viewing and discussing films that use such devices. The three-day course, which started on Monday, had students discussing subjects such manipulating reality, documentary ethics, and how to convince people to appear in films.


Students were divided into groups and shot short scenes using some of the techniques they learned. Attendees included filmmakers, photographers and students from the Blue Nile film school.


The course was co-hosted by the Ethiopian Film Initiative in conjunction with the Spanish Embassy of Ethiopia.


Mr. Durall is a rising star in the world of documentary film. He is a graduate of the School of Cinema and Audiovisuals in Catalonia, where he currently supervises and coordinates documentary projects. He is also the co-founder of Nanouk Films. He is in Ethiopia courtesy of the Spanish Embassy in Ethiopia as part of the 5th Ibero-American Film Festival, which takes place through 13 November. Mr. Durall screened his Cialis first feature film. The Two Lives of Andreas Rabadan on the first day of the festival.


Mr. Durall is familiar with working in Ethiopia. In July he shot a short documentary on street children called "The Hidden Smileâ". He said the experience of working with filmmakers was brilliant.


"They pay a lot of attention and they are thirsty to learn things" he said.  "I hope they learned a lot."


And participants were effusive about the training they received.


"We learned a great deal not just about making films, but about each other", said Michael Tamire at the end of the workshop. Sometimes filmmakers are a community but do not know each other.



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The 5th Ibero-American Film Festival celebrates takes place through 13 November, with screenings at the Edna Mall. The purpose of the festival to build greater understanding between Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries as well as spreading cultural values and social practices of these countries among Ethiopians.


The Ethiopian Film Initiative provides capacity building support for Ethiopian documentary and feature film producers and directors as well as encouraging and training local and international agencies to use local filmmakers.