Breaking the Barriers

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Ethiopia comes with many faces. It is a country rich of over 80 different ethnic groups, identities and culture. Distance brings very weak interaction with those groups in remote areas. Moses Riet DAK is an Ethiopian from Gambella region, currently living in the capital city, Addis Ababa. In addition to his regional mother tongue, he speaks fluent Amharic, the vernacular language of Ethiopia. Yet, people ask him where he’s from and point to him as a foreigner. Moses shares his life experience and reflects on interethnic tolerance.

Director :- Yamrot Negussie
Assistant director:- Tibebu Belete
Camera:- Aklilu Ferew
Editor :- Melesew Hailemariam
Trainer & Assistant Producer:- Ermias WoldeAmlak
Executive Producer :- Ragnhild EK