Taza (2017)

Taza 2017"In 1990 G.C, Selam, a young beautiful, and intelligent woman who was abroad to study In Cuba comes back to her motherland and lives in the same house a caring older couple that rented her a single room that was their own duty soldier son's, Abraham's prior bedroom.
Selam is unhappy and doesn't feel like she is back in the motherland as her field of study isn't relevant back home; in which she drinks every night to forget her sadness.
On a random day, Abraham calls his parents to tell them that he is coming back home after a long time. The news shocks his parents as they have to tell Selam to leave her home (Abraham's bedroom) when she least expects it.
Yet, Selam convinces Abraham's mother to give her a week until she finds a place to stay. The socially isolated solder, Abraham (who was on probation at the time) gets very upset with Selam as she comes home drunk every night. yet, eventually, the two falls in love with each other which makes Selam feels like she is really back home in her motherland." (IMDB)

Director: Kidest Yilma
Star: Yafet Henock

Genres: Drama, Romance