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Ethiopian Filmmaker Discusses Democracy and Fair Play

Yared Shumete, an Ethiopian filmmaker, answered questions regarding democracy and fair play in a June 22 CO.NX webchat.

Following is the transcript:

Bureau of International Information Programs
Webchat Transcript

The World Cup: Democracy Is Fair Play

Guest:            Yared Shumete
Date:              June 22, 2010
Time:              8:00 a.m. EDT (12:00 GMT)

CO.NX Moderator (Gillian): Welcome to the CO.NX chat room.  Our next World Cup Program will be about fair play on Tuesday, June 22nd at 12:00 GMT. You can submit your questions at any time. After your question has been submitted, it will appear in red on your screen. During our program on Tuesday your questions will be answered by Ethiopian filmmaker Yared.

CO.NX Moderator (Sarah): Welcome everyone! The chat with Ethiopian filmmaker Yared will begin in twenty minutes. Please feel free to introduce yourselves and tell us where you are from. I am joining you from Washington, D.C.

CO.NX Moderator (Sarah): Welcome to those just joining us. We will begin chatting with Yared now.

Yared Shumete: My full name is Yared Shumete Desalegne.  I was born in Addis Ababa in 1982.  I became interested in film and photography when I was a child.  I received my first camera when I was 16 years old, and have not stopped taking pictures and recording images since that time.  From an early age I was hearing tales and stories from my mother which inspired me to think artistically about how to express my feelings and my experiences.  I also got involved in theater in elementary school.

Question [Thomas]: What is democracy?

Answer [Yared Shumete]: If you want me to answer this question, "what is democracy" please look at my video at:

Q [shanthi, Chennai]: What is your valuable advice to young film makers?

A [Yared Shumete]: I am also a young filmmaker of 28 years of age.  When I became interested in film, I created opportunities to learn how to shoot film and how to tell stories with a camera -- even if I wasn't asked to do so, I was always trying to make films and videos.  Young filmmakers should not expect any miracles -- they need to create their own opportunities.

CO.NX Moderator (Sarah): Thank you for your many questions. As Yared continues to respond, please feel free to submit more questions for him. Also, express your opinion in our poll.

Q [Praveen Menon]: Participation is key to democracy, but how can one ensure that the person who is participating is being heard, so that he does not lose interest in democracy?

A [Yared Shumete]: In life you should not give up.  Democracy has its own dynamic.  You have to make sure that when change comes, you are there and participating.  If you give up, you will not be there when the right time comes.  Film and other art forms help you to demonstrate your feelings and to accelerate change.

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