Ibero Film Festival Starts on Monday

The fourth Ibero American film festival is scheduled to open the day after tomorrow at Edna Mall, Matti Cinema, the Embassy of Portugal announced Wednesday.
Each of the Ibero American countries (Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Portugal Spain and Venezuela) will present one film during the festival.

Six films will be shown: "Muito Gelo e Dois Dedos d'Agua" (Lots of Ice and Little Water by Brazil), "Roble de Olor (Scent of an Oak by Cuba), "Rudo y Cursi (Life is a Gamble by Mexico), Terra Sonambula (Sleepwalking Land by Portugal) Tesis (Thesis by Spain) and Miranda Regresa (Mirand Returns by Venezuela).

The films feature Spanish dialogues with English subtitles.

The show will start Monday with the Portuguese film "Terra Sonambula (Sleepwalking Land). Set in the Mozambique civil war, "Terra Sonambula" features a little boy, Muidinga, who is lost and is searching for his family. He stumbles upon a diary in possession of a dead body from which he reads about a woman who is looking for her son aboard a ship. Due to his hope of finding his family, Muidinga decides that he is the boy whom the woman is searching for.

The festival closes next Saturday with Miranda Regressa, a Venezuelan film which traces the life of the Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda and explores the most important moments of his military career as well as his place in Latin American history.

Last year, the annual Ibero American film festival was held at the Italian Cultural Institute but this year it shifted to the Matti Cinema, which is a more convenient place for movie goers.

For the first time, the festival has an entrance fee, which Vera Hernandez, the Ambassador of Portugal, describes as a symbolic payment for people who believe it is worthwhile to see the films and was made necessary because of arrangements for the rental of the cinema hall.