Events at the Goethe Institute

Two events taking place at the Goethe-Institute.

The first is a documentary film workshop with Frieder Schlaich that Goethe-Institut is organizing in cooperation with the Blue Nile Film & Television Academy in March 2010. The participants will be about 10 students from the Academy and 4 participants from the Ethiopian Filmmakers´ Association.

The workshop is planned to take place from Saturday, 6 March until Wednesday, 17 March and will include discussions about the making of documentaries, different styles / possibilities / traditions as well as the production of short films by the participants. The idea is to then screen the films resulting from the workshop at the Short Film Festival, starting Saturday, 20 March.

The second is a series of screenings the Goethe-Institut stages together with the DAAD, at the Goethe-Institut at the following dates always at 6pm with a short introduction by Dr. Jana Zehle, DAAD:

12 March: The Sorrows of Young Werther (orig.: Die Leiden des jungen W.) – reading and film
26 March: Siddharta – reading and film
23 April: Measuring the World (orig.: Die Vermessung der Welt) – reading and film
07 May: Nowhere in Africa (orig.: Nirgendwo in Afrika) – film
21 May: Good sport Lötzsch (orig.: Sportsfreund Lötzsch) – film
04 June: The Miracle of Bern (orig.: Das Wunder von Bern) – film

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