The 9th Ethiopian Music Festival

Press Release

9th Ethiopian Music Festival.Thursday 12th to Saturday 20th March 2010

A tribute to Getachew Debalqe and Mewari Setot

Goëthe Institut, National Theater, Alliance éthio-française, Club Alizé in Addis Abeba
11 concerts, 2 conferences, 1 exhibition, 1 screening…with
ETH, UkanDanz, Maga Bo, Ethiocolor, Nubian Ark, Gammo people…

In few words…

The 9th edition of Ethiopian Music Festival is dedicated to Getachew Debalke and Merawi Setot. Theopening ceremony in National Theater is the occasion to present the work of these two Ethiopian figures. Thisyear the festival welcomes ETH and uKanDanz, two French bands, Maga Bo, an artist based in Brazil. Theprogram features Ethiocolor and Nubian Ark, two Ethiopian bands that deserve to be discovered or rediscovered. Gamo musicians from South of Ethiopia will perform in Alliance, a rare and unique event in Addid Abeba. The festival is specially a moment that brings together people from different cultures,background. Ten days of meetings, discoveries, surprises.

Program and details.

Friday 12/03 @ 6 pm

Conference « The Importance of Archives to Preserve Music as Cultural Heritage ». Goethe Institut

Saturday 13/03 in Goethe Institut

Celebrating the Centennial of the First Ethiopian Music Recordings by „Azmari Tessema Eshete” @ 4 pm

Exhibition Opening @ 6 pm

Ethiocolor concert @ 7.30 pm

Monday 15/03 @ 6.30 pm. National Theatre.

Opening ceremony with ETH, uKanDanz, Ethiocolor, Gammo and African music school project.

Tuesday 16/03 in Club Alizé

uKanDanz @ 8.30 pm

Maga Bo @ 10 pm

Wednesday 17/03 @ 6.30 pm. National Museum

Mursi exhibition : MURSI, Black Bull & Iron Soil

Wednesday 17/03 @ 8.30 pm. Alliance éthio-française

The Polyphonic Music of the Gammo People

Thursday 19/03 in Alliance éthio-française

African jazz school project @ 8 pm

Nubian Ark @ 9 pm

Friday 19/03 @ 8 pm. Alliance éthio-française


Saturday 20/03 in Alliance éthio-française

Film Arba Minch Festival @ 7 pm

uKanDanz @ 8 pm

Saturday 20//03 @ 10.30 pm

ETH and Maga Bo. Club Alizé

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