The 4th Ethiopian International Film Festival (EIFF)

Most of us see “LOST AND FOUND” in different places where lost properties offices are located. These properties have only material value. How about lost cultural, spiritual, social values, or forgotten events or personages? This theme will take us back to the past human values and events lost somewhere and sometime. How and where did we discover our identity which made us human? What are the events and people who made us what we are? The festival will screen films which show how lost values can be rediscovered, remembered and preserved.

Activities (workshops, seminars...) throughout the week, in one way or another will raise and touch the theme as an issue. Also the festival calls for participants to have a particular lost or forgotten cultural value, event, personage etc to present as an issue for the festival to consider. This year, the 4th EIFF, will continue the momentum that has been achieved by previous festivals and expected thousands of people coming to see 64 classic and contemporary films from 23 countries to be performed at all venues in Addis Ababa. A special focus will be organized on African cinema. It is an eight day festival offered free to the public at all cinemas throughout Addis Ababa. The festival will select and present awards in 10 categories of Best Feature film,

Documentary film, Short film, Animation film, Director, Screen play, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Makeup, Costume, and Life time Filmmaker. Also there is an “Audience Choice Award” which will give the audience the opportunity to vote for their favorite film while offering the filmmakers valuable feedback from the public. The selected best Ethiopian films will be sponsored for the participation in the New York, Belgium, France, Uganda and Zanzibar International Film Festivals which will be held in 2010.

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