Quragnaye - Enchained A Historical Drama set in Ethiopia

Set in 1911, Quragnaye is a story that delves into an extraordinary traditional law that was abolished during modernity in Ethiopia. Until the early and mid-19th century in Ethiopia, institutional punitive prisons did not exist and the justice process was restorative. Enchained illustrates the rift between the old oral all-encompassing system (which includes not just legal process but also social life, culture and politics) and modus operandi of law and the current confusion of law and justice. The current justice system has a lot to learn from the past.

Produced by Synergy Habesha Films and Communication, the story takes place in Ankober, the old capital city of Ethiopia, and the nearby town Debre Sina. Fortunately, many of the irreplaceable spaces like traditional church schools, the old palace and court, rural farms and the breathtaking landscape still exist today as they did then. The movie transports the audience to a time where justice and law was handed down in unique and extraordinary ways.

“As a filmmaker and as someone living in a culture where oral tradition is still prominent, my heart is full and I am excited to bring the movie to the public,” says Moges Tafessa. “Celebrating underrepresented African narratives through story, sound and picture is extremely important and should be encouraged today.”

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